Cassie James

     Equestrian, Canine & Wildlife Fineart 

*Cassie and Bobby showing*

About the artist..
Of course my name is Cassie and I Specialise in Equine art but also dog portraits and wildlife drawings, at this moment in time my artwork is kept as a hobby as I currently work full time else where but slowly making it a full time carer for myself, I am 25 and based in Hampshire near to Portsmouth. Im very much in love with anything Country, Tweed, Country walks, nature, documentaries on wildlife, Countryfile, hunting etc, I very much prefer the outside life to partying life like most young women my age do.
I have been with horses ever since I was 5 years old and took to it like a duck to water, unfortunately I don't have my own as such but I do have a welsh section c who I loan and produce for the show ring. I have also studied horse management at college covering a variety of subjects and finishing with a Triple Distinction (3 A Levels) this is where I also gained my BHS and ride and road safety qualifications. People who know me know im a complete showing fanatic and you will find me the whole of the summer at shows either grooming or competing, I love the buzz, the build up, prepping, bathing, the suspense on awaiting results!  My Little welsh c and I are currently on the search for our HOYS and RIHS tickets!

Where it all begun..
I have always had a love for art and design you would always see me colouring or making things when I was younger so of course when I done my GCSE's I took art as one of my subjects I finished with a B grade and think my grade wasn't higher due to my little attention paid when learning how to use materials properly to make things look more realistic so with the consequence I have been completely self taught in all my work.

Starting out..
Being around horses the majority of my life I spent most my art time drawing them and I think this was a real help to me as being around them so much I knew there anatomy so well. In 2009 a friend took great interest in my work and enquired about me commissioning her horse, I was abit shocked and charged only £5 as I didn't think I was that good to be selling my work! my friend was completely amazed by the outcome and word spread, this is when I set up my Facebook page and website which now sees commissions world wide coming in!

At this present time..
Only in the last 18 months/2years I have been commissioning dog portrait drawings which have been a huge success for my artwork but recently I started a new venture of chalk drawings using only solid white chalk and charcoal to create breathe taking drawings of foreign and British wildlife, these have been a huge hit with all kinds of people who have a love for wildlife and the originals sell very fast!

Future plans...
My plan for a while now has been to create art work in colour but as said before im completely self taught and things like this take time to master and the technique is much harder due to building up colours rather than just shading, I am currently working behind the scenes using colouring pencils and hope to start commissioning these very soon. I am also hoping to have a lot of my work on display a lot more at country fairs or horse events so that more of the public can see my work in the flesh.

Thankyou for reading (:
Cassie x